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The LGM Sellier workshop has 35 years of experience in saddlery & leather goods.

Claire & Sébastien perpetuate a work of leather uniting respect for traditions and modernity.

We specialize in the design and manufacture of saddlery and leather goods, we favor quality and tailor-made over productivity.

Saddle, halter, bridle, handbag, clutch, belt ... Each piece is unique!

We select our leathers and our buckles in a precise way and as far as possible coming from French professionals, we have excellent tanneries on our territory and it seems important, necessary and ethical to work locally and on a human scale.

We perpetuate and defend a know how & a know how to be master of work in our manufacturing, in a permanent concern for quality and durability thanks in particular to hand sewing which you can discover during a visit at the workshop.

lgm sellier, les artisans


Claire Jégou trained at the Haras National de La Roche sur Yon by a master saddler and best worker in France & Sébastien Leroy, recognized master saddler, with 25 years of experience in numerous workshops and large houses, now represent them two, the LGM Sellier workshop in the heart of France in Burgundy in the Nièvre.

The saddlery exists since 2010 perpetuating from year to year a work of leather uniting respect for traditions and modernity.

Hand sewing is the prime contractor, know-how and know-how are the breadcrumbs of the workshop.

The smell of leather, the sound of tools, the touch of materials, the eye is solicited from all sides.

The ancestral tools suspended from the workbenches highlight a long-standing trade of yesteryear.

By combining tradition and technicality, the use of noble materials and modern materials, this duo of craftsmen sets no limits. “As far as possible, we work with French materials that guarantee quality and durability. " Saddles, satchels, belts, handbags, cases of all kinds ... Tailor-made, creation, catering ... For all tastes and for all budgets.

Small budgets rub shoulders with high-end and luxury. Each piece is unique and customizable. Equestrian equipment of all disciplines, leather goods, furniture, are all areas where you can find answers and advice at the heart of this atypical workshop and open to all.

Their work and life philosophy? "You don't improvise yourself as a craftsman, you gradually become one, day after day with humility & respect"

Claire et Sebastien, LGM Sel

Adress : 2 route de Prémery

58210 Champlemy




l : 03 86 21 49 86

        06 73 46 12 98

E-mail :  lgmsellier@gmail.com

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Monday - Friday :

9h - 12h / 14h - 19h
​​Saturday : 9h - 19h
Sunday : 9h - 19h

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visit as we are regularly on an external appointment


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