From saddlery to leather goods, come and discover our products here.

From belts to handbags, through saddles and bridles, without forgetting wallets, satchels and travel bags, everything starts at the workshop.



From saddlery to the bridle through accessories, the workshop designs and realizes to measure.

From dressage, mixed, show jumping saddle and for all disciplines, for competition or leisure, we manufacture to the horse and rider's measurements.


The bags

Evening clutch bags, backpackers' backpacks, handbags, messenger bags, satchels or satchels with handles or shoulder straps, without forgetting the small or large shopping bags. You will find your happiness here!


The belts

From the city to the countryside, so you don't lose your pants or just give them away a touch of elegance or embellish a pretty tunic for a touch of madness.

Sober and classic belts through exotic colors and leathers: thin, wide, lined, rounded or overstitched, just let yourself be tempted ...


Leather goods

From wallets to card holders to wallets and companions, you will always find your papers or your little money tidy in your pocket or bag.



Feminine & masculine, jewelry is available for all tastes ...

From simple bracelets to cuffs, earrings, necklaces or long necklaces, in adornment or solo, classic or exotic leather dresses you with ease.


The key rings

The key rings are available at your service to dress your keychain. From simplicity in leather or themed to exotic without forgetting the engraved and personalized to offer or have fun.




From travel bag to make-up bag, customizable to wishes, luggage by LGM is timeless.

From the cabin bag to the 24h via the essential toiletry bags or vanity. Match your comb case to go around the world, with great class.



Office and home

The decoration of your office and your home also deserves our attention. Useful, functional, comfortable and warm, leather will give your interior a sober and unique personal touch.

From the mouse pad to the desk desk pad, from tableware to the storage compartment, practicality goes hand in hand with chic.



Customizations & Goodies

To personalize and make your item truly unique, it's very simple ...

You have the choice between hot stamping just burnished or with a golden or colored finish, embroidery in an almost infinite variation of colors or plate engraving on different metals or epoxy aluminum.

For the design of goodies in the image of your company, association or other club ... just contact us to discuss it.

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